Our Elders

The elders along with our lead pastor are the primary leaders of our church. Together, they seek to be a united team which humbly submit to God's calling on them into this role.

Grace United's elders serve two primary roles as overseers and shepherds of this church. As overseers they watch over the church with a concerned heart. They ensure that our church’s strategies, teaching, and ministries carry out God’s purpose to make disciples who love Jesus, relate together in grace, and proclaim the gospel.

As shepherds, they “watch over your souls” (Hebrews 13:17) and provide instruction and protection, truth and love in a community of grace so that the members of Grace United may soar in their relationship with Christ.

Currently, four elders serve in this capacity alongside our pastor, Steve Behlke. Pictured below, L to R - Jay Ehle, Tom Rosazza, Steve Behlke, Mike Laprade and John Clark. All men are committed to serve Christ and His church together.

If you would like to contact them, you can email them: elders@graceunitednoho.com

Grace United Elders