Our Lead Pastor & Elders

Steve Behlke is the pastor of Grace United. He and Polly were married in 1989 and have three grown children. A pastor since 1996, Steve has a Masters of Divinity from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and an earned Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Steve is a straight-forward speaker who has full confidence in Christ and in God’s Word, an understanding of the power of sin and of man’s need for forgiveness and healing in Christ, and the spiritual gift to make the truth of God’s grace clear and understandable. Steve enjoys craft foods, riding his motorcycle, watching sports and listening to great music.

Pastor Steve Behlke, Northampton MA

Steve and Polly Behlke

The elders along with our lead pastor are the primary leaders of our church. Together, they seek to be a united team which humbly submit to God's calling on them into this role.

Grace United's elders serve two primary roles as overseers and shepherds of this church. As overseers they watch over the church with a concerned heart. They ensure that our church’s strategies, teaching, and ministries carry out God’s purpose to make disciples who love Jesus, relate together in grace, and proclaim the gospel.

As shepherds, they “watch over your souls” (Hebrews 13:17) and provide instruction and protection, truth and love in a community of grace so that the members of Grace United may soar in their relationship with Christ.

Jay Ehle

& Tiffany Ehle

Grace United Elders

Jay loves to support the community at Grace United. He’s a member of Under Grace, which oversees our FIT classes and Life Groups where people get to know God and each other on a deeper level. His free time is spent with his wife Tiffany and their four daughters. He also loves reading, mountain biking, walks with Tiffany, and taking his girls on hikes and to the park.

John Clark

& Luanne Clark

Grace United Elders

John is a shepherd at heart, and he uses this gift as an elder and in other ministries at Grace United. He enjoys simple things and sharing everyday moments with his wife Luanne and his family, including church family. He loves to cook and eat good food, and he cooks a meal at each elders’ meeting for them to share. He especially loves the wind in his face and the feeling of freedom when he’s on two wheels.

Mike Laprade

& Cheryl Laprade

Grace United Elders

Mike has a servant’s heart, and you can see it when he sets up on Sunday mornings, teaches in the children’s ministry, and helps the families of the church. He enjoys spending time with his wife Cheryl and their children and grandchildren. He loves his cowboy boots and sappy movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Tom Rosazza

& Wendy Rosazza

Grace United Elders

Tom has a passion for worship and intimacy with Christ. Tom uses his love for worship to direct the music ministry at Grace United. Most Sundays you can find him on the guitar or the keyboard serving with the worship team, where his wife Wendy also serves. In his free time, he enjoys playing music and spending time with his grandkids.

If you would like to contact the elders, you can email them: