Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when?
We meet together at 10:00 AM every Sunday morning at The Smith Vocational School in Northampton.

What do I wear?
Dress however you feel comfortable. The pastor may be in jeans but others may be in slacks or shorts. Women may be in shorts or jeans or a dress. Simply put, what people wear isn’t that important to us.

What does a typical worship service (Gathering) look like?
We call them “Gatherings.” There is freedom to participate however one feels is appropriate. We start at 10:00 a.m. with a prayer and some church news. The worship team leads us and we sing a few songs that are meaningful to us and our relationship with God. We often share communion, with bread and juice, as a way to reflect on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins. Pastor Steve delivers a helpful message, which is true to God’s Word and true to life. We pray, take an offering to support the ministries of the church, and end with a couple of more songs. People linger and connect over coffee afterward.

What do you have for my kids?
SPARKS is for the youngest children, it is a safe and loving environment for them. IGNITE meets for children preK-5th grade; the leaders are fun and the learning is interactive. ACCELERATE is for middle school students; we build community and help to stir the children’s faith in Jesus Christ. LAUNCH is a great group for high school students; honest, loving, the leaders help parents to launch their children into the world with a solid faith in Jesus Christ, full of truth and grace. Middle School and High School students meet together each Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

How would you describe Grace United?
We love Jesus. We have fun together. We are Bible-believing, evangelical, and nondenominational. We are committed to the gospel of grace and to living out the profound ramifications of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for all who believe. As such, we are a safe place where we are bold with the truth, generous with love, compassionate to one another and passionate for Jesus Christ.

Who is this church for?
It is for spiritual seekers who want to know God
It is for people whose lives aren’t working and who feel alienated from God
Grace United is for those who are tired of striving to please God and failing time after time
It is for Christians who feel there must be more to life than what they’ve experienced so far
Grace United is for believers who want to start living for Jesus from the heart
It is for mature Christians who know well how to love and forgive

How do I become a member of Grace United?
We don’t have a traditional church membership. We believe everyone who trusts Jesus Christ is a "member" of Christ’s body. So if you trust Jesus for eternal life and you participate with us and connect with us your church family then we consider you a member of Grace United.

Why don't you have a bulletin? How do I find out what’s going on at Grace United?
Rather than a bulletin and the paper waste, we email brief and important announcements every Thursday. Contact us with your information and we will be happy to keep you informed this way. Otherwise, check out the calendar on this website.

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