In the Word: FIT Classes

These Focused Intentional Training classes are designed to aid people in their walk with Christ. Whether going through a book in the Bible or a compelling Christian book, FIT classes provide opportunities for you to be in the Word and in community to grow in our faith together.

Current classes:
Men's Class: Living in the Family of Grace
Men, join Jay Ehle and Steve Lenkowski at Steve's home, 70 Pines Edge Dr, Northampton, every other Wednesday beginning August 16, at 6:30 PM, as they lead a study through Charles Bing's book, Living in the Family of Grace. 

Ladies Class: Lay It Down
Ladies, join Tiffany Ehle and Melanie Rivard at Rockridge Retirement Community, 25 Coles Meadow Rd, Northampton, every other Tuesday, beginning January 9, at 6:30 PM, as they lead a study through Bill Tell's book, Lay It Down. Book is available through Amazon.