Children’s Ministries

Sparks: Up To Preschool
We are committed to help young families to soar in a relationship with Jesus. In our Sparks class, we ensure safety and loving care for your youngest children during our Worship Gatherings. We want parents to be free to worship, yet we welcome parents to stay with their children for as long as they wish.

Sparks Childrens Ministry

Ignite: K-5th Grade

We help parents to ignite in their children a living faith in Jesus Christ. In our Ignite class, we offer a fun, safe, and loving environment for your children during our Worship Gatherings. We are excited to lead your children through the Gospel Project curriculum as a way to support you as you raise your children to trust Jesus.

Ignite Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry Team consists of (left to right) Ken Michna, Carole Jackewich, Jenn DeBlase, Melanie Rivard (director), Julie Castillo and Mike Laprade.

Grace United Kids Ministry