The Gospel

A relationship with God is entered into by trusting Jesus—trusting that Jesus Christ dealt with your sin on the cross, and He makes you right with God the moment you believe. This often begins with the admission that we’re not 100% in control of our life, and that we do things we wish we hadn’t done, and we frequently fail to do the good things that we wish to do! This is hard for any of us to face up to, so we tend to hide or deny this. Yet as a church, we choose to face this head on, and to trust Jesus with us.

For God reveals Himself as perfectly holy and abounding in love. He knows our struggles yet His first response is with love! Jesus assures that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him may not perish but have eternal life. I.e., Jesus came from heaven to reconcile us to God and to secure all who believe in a grace relationship with God.

So hear the good news: when sin enslaved you and turned you from God, He sent His Son to rescue and redeem you to Himself. Jesus Christ died for your sins, to save you to God forever. Accept what He has done. Trust that Jesus died to forgive your sin, to cover your shame, to free you from sin’s enslaving power and to give you eternal life with Him forever. Simply stated, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Then participate with a church like Grace United to soar in your relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow as a disciple who trusts, treasures, and obeys Him.